Sacred Soul Sessions

In my practice, I have discovered that many people need a place to come recharge, cleanse, and balance their body, mind,  and soul.  For  some; a place where they feel listened to and understood for who they are and what they are growing through! In my Sacred Soul Sessions, you will leave feeling nourished and revitalized through the powerful benefits of Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, and Intuitive Guidance!

“ I walk out feeling like a new person..”

Totally obsessed! Andrea is the sweetest and the best! She is very personal and by the end of session one I was feeling better than I ever had dealing with old past issues that was holding me back from a peaceful life. Andrea helps you process through and puts your mind, body and soul at peace.
Ann Henriques

Astrology Readings

With over 10 years of Studying astrology, Andrea offers an intuitive approach to all readings. This hour long reading covers the souls karma, positive and negative energy influences on your souls journey, inner transits and facets of your own soul and consciousness and what your soul is here to learn and grow from Including conscious and unconscious behavior. All I need is your name, date, time and place of birth to get started!


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The Goddess Guidance Corridor

Your personal Gateway into a spiritual breakthrough!

4 weeks of 1:1 Sessions & Intuitive Life Counseling!

As you open the Corridor to your breakthrough; Together we will discover the hidden parts of your soul through the stars. With a personal birth chart reading we can uncover your life’s purpose, karma, and gifts that you have for the world!

There would be no Guidance with out our  Bi Weekly Guidance Calls! These calls can be done over phone or over video chat! The purpose of these calls or meetings is to establish an intent together, to stay accountable, and to make sure the breakthrough was met after the end of the 4 weeks!

In the Goddess Guidance Corridor, It is vital to experience atleast one Hypnosis session. Hypnosis is one of the most important tools used to develop a strong intent and completely shift your mind into a higher state. 

At the end  of your 3 week guidance journey, we will set up a personal Sacred Session that includes Reiki Energy Healing, Violet Flame Transmission, and a full on chakra clearing with Sound healing! 

Beyond my identity of a guide or a healer, I am also a friend. 

I will be there for you to support you, and empower you within the corridor and outside of it. I will always remind you of your greatness and be there for you along your journey. 

Enter as you are.

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Priivate Sound Baths

Experience a personal cleansing and opening of all 7 chakras using vibrational sound therapy either in nature or visit me in person at The Awakening Spirit. 

Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Private Events

Bring Healing and Sacred intention to your personal memories! Fill out the contact form below about your plans so we can work together!

Private Ceremonies

Schedule A Private Spiritual Breakthrough Ceremony or visit our classes and events for upcoming in person or virtual ceremonies/ Healing Circles!

in Person Sessions

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