How to Awaken your Psychic Abilities

When most people think of psychic abilities they think that it’s a joke unproven to be true. The truth is, is that we are all born psychic. But only some awaken to their psychic abilities as well as some are born with a higher capability to tune in. Even some of us remember having them as far back as children. Some remember some don’t. As kids we are at our most vulnerable and sensitive stage in our life and that is when our connection to spirit is very much heightened.  But over time we learn to block out our abilities with fear. But this does not mean that they are not still there and that we cannot still access them.  In fact, some of us are using them still and aren’t even aware of it. In order to understand more we need to take a look at some of the psychic abilities one can have. Below I will list the most common psychic abilities. Who knows, maybe you can relate to at least one!



This is the ability to hear spirit. You may hear whispers, voices, or vibrational sounds that trigger emotions. You may also feel like someone is trying to communicate to you. Most of this may have started as a younger kind. Maybe you had an imaginary friend you talked to or s an adult you may hear voices during your bed time when you are drifting through states of consciousness. When are more open to receive at these points because we are more vulnerable to energy when our guard is down and we are more relaxed.


Also known as an empath. Some people are extra sensitive to other peoples emotions. Lets not get this confused with haveing empathy for someone. This ability ability is different. For example: You may be sitting somewhere and another person only has to walk by you and you instantly feel their vibration. Maybe you picked up on sadness or anger and you are wondering why all of a sudden you feel sad or angry. If you are a healer chances are you have this ability. But in order for us to remain from letting it take control over us, we have to have full control over our emotions and always send energy of protection over ourselves.


This is an ability to see clear! So many people with this ability find themselves being able to see images on a subconscious level and most of them are able to portray the future. Clairvoyance allows you to see the auras of other people and or to recognize  the emotions or spiritual blockages in another person’s life. This ability can also manifest in dreams. This is called dream premonitions. Dream premonitions means you often have dreams that show the future.


This is the psychic ability that uses smell. In fact, our brain can remember up to 50,000 scents! A lot of spirits like to leave scents that remind you of them and this is often a sign that there a spirit near. Maybe your grandma always smelled like lavender and you get a wift of lavender when you walk into a room. This is often a sign that your grandma is near.


Mostly all of us are telepathic to some degree but we dont realize that we are carrying the thoughts of other people! Do you often finish peoples sentences? Or  do you realize that your own thoughts maybe don’t belong to you? You are most likely telepathic!

IF you feel like you resonated with any one these,  this is the time to work on the ones you are the most strongest! Below I will give you some tips on how to AWAKEN and strenghthen your psychich abilities!


1.       Try and figure out at what age you might of tuned out of your psychich abilities and make a note.

2.       Understand everything is made of patterns. Understand repetition and habit. IF you are starting to fall into a state of depression. Find your triggers and see where this pattern is starting from.

3.        Awaken to the bigger picture and know that your thoughts create your own reality through energy. Being abale to control your thoughts and direct your thoughts is a start to awakening your psycic abilities. When we work on the premise that ‘thoughts are living things’ the thoughts we use with a purpose are automatically directed with Prana. Use the great Law of Attraction to start consciously activating more Prana in your Thought structure. This allows your thoughts to gain wings. What happens next? Well then your electrical current becomes more entangled into the consciousness vortex of psychic energy and information.  This is a small start.

4.       Be aware of what you eat and consume. This helps with raising your vibrational levels. Growing to your fullest potential can often start with your gut.

Tip: Coffee can lead to a decalcified third eye.

5.       Meditate once a day or atleast once a week to tune into your own energy and become aware of the subconscious realms. All it takes is 5-10 minutes to form a habit!

6.       Close your eyes, call upon your guides or angels, and begin to feel the thick swirling energy come into your crown chakra. (The top of your heard) ask your guides questions about them and get to know them. It’s okay if nothing is presented to you. It takes time to connect with them. Persistence is key. .  Although  some guides or angels love to be left in mystery they will still aim for a deeper connection if you alow your spirit to fly to higher dimensions

7.       Journal ! If you don’t like carrying a notebook.  Just write stuff down on your phone. Synchronized experiences, messages, any form of telepathy, dreams, symbols, random voices from afar or from infar, visuals,  and knowings!

8.       Become the observer of your reality! When we become aware of the energy in our world we can come to understand the energy of a given environment or simply other people. Since we all have distinctive vibrational tones and patterns, it is very beneficial to pay attention and observe the energy levels around you. Notice if other people’s energy is tense, static, or free and flowing. Never rely on the conversations you are having with that person. Well because most people are not what they are talking about. BUT. ask your self what is the energy pattern with this person? Slow, fast, scattered? How does this person’s energy feel to me? Nervous, healthy, sick, happy?  Over the years I have found that the study of astrology is very beneficial for this in particular to become aware of how a person’s vibrational pattern affects me. The hardest part for some people is that so many of us are left tuned out because of constant chatter in our minds. The reason why it is important to learn how energies affect us is so we can become aware of future possibilities.  We can gaurd our energy when we need to, cut conversations shorts, redirect the person’s attention, or just take the long road home. IF you are unaware of how energies are affecting you then you will not be able to build your psychic ability. Make it a habit to observe and use all of your senses in any given environment. Just check in with your soul… it can be hard to balance both dimensions at once.. But with practice I promise it becomes instinctual.


If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us !

Much love to you all !

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