How Hypnosis Will Change your Life

Hypnosis is often misunderstood. It’s misunderstood and tagged as being mind control, manipulation, spell work, etc. I blame this portrayal on the media of a technique founded by one of the greatest himself, Franz Mesmer.  Which was later advanced by Sigmund Freud, Pierre Haber and Alfred Binet, some of the best psychologist, physicians and researchers in time.

Even though there is much scientific research and proof of its benefits some people are still afraid of the effects. I’m here to put an end to that fear and educate you on what hypnosis actualy is, how it can change your life and why you should book a session with me.

What Hypnosis actualy is!

Like I said before, Hypnosis is not mind control. Many people believe they will lose all control and be manipulated into doing something crazy or weird as seen on tv shows. Some hypnotist do have the control of doing this. But that is only because they are experts at picking people out of the crowd who are more suggestible. Now, hypnosis can be this powerful with the right suggestible people, but those people are able to snap out of the hypnosis at any time they want which always enables them full control. Although Clinical Hypnosis does always enable clients to have full control its intention is different. It is simply a practice of mindfulness that you engage in with your therapist. I like to call it a law of attraction guided meditation although it can be a lot more technical then that. The hypnotherapist, as in ME will use key words and convincers to help your subconscious mind understand that it is under hypnosis and that real change is taking place. By using therapy, written words, imagery, and meditation. The hypnotherapist and client work together as equals to create change within the mind.

How hypnosis WILL change your life!

 Hypnosis has changed many people’s lives for the better even after just ONE session and it can change yours too! Booking a hypnosis session can rewire belief systems and values that do not serve our highest self or path anymore. Often, we hold onto beliefs which turn into daily feelings of either who we are or what we look like. Hypnosis has the power to change those deep-seated beliefs and one session can be more powerful than your daily affirmations. This is because hypnotherapist talk to the subconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy has been proven by many scientific studies to help people lose weight, quit smoking cigarettes, gain more motivation, more self-confidence, more memory, more concentration and over all feel like a brand new person but with stronger beliefs and values that eliminate habits that you no longer wish to have! Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Why you should book a Hypnosis session with me!

 I have been practicing hypnosis for 3 years now. I was first introduced to hypnosis by a Tibetan Monk who taught me the energetics of hypnosis. Then I received my Certification by the worldwide board of Coaches and practitioners after I studied the science and deeper techniques of hypnosis.  I love to incorporate sound healing into my sessions so that my clients receive energetic healings and cleansing for their chakras. Every client that I have had feels seen, heard, and accepted in my presence. I offer a sacred space that does not compare to a doctor’s office or a psychiatric clinic. My sessions come with optional add-on services for you to better understand the facets of your consciousness and souls’ journey. I practice in Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Violet flame, and Tantra. Lastly, I am a humble being who has reincarnated for service. My service to the world is for you. I am not here to take your money. I truly WANT to and WILL help you on your path to change and growth. My sessions do not end after you leave because friendships are born, and I’d love to continue to support you or guide you on your journey.

So what do you think?

Talk to me how we can create real change together!

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With Love and Blessings, Andrea

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