Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul with CBD

What is CBD?
CBD also know as cannabidiol is a magical component found in the buds of the marijuana plant. Marijuana being an ancient and intelligent plant used for centuries offers us many different benefits along with the high sensation. CBD comes from the cannabinoids of the plant which make up only about 40 % of the plant itself. In this makeup you are not getting the full THC affect of the component. In other words, CBD is not psychoactive. In fact CBD is becoming wildly popular and in this blog I’ll tell you why.

CBD heals the Body, Mind, and Soul. CBD acts a catalyst for your body to repair itself and brings your whole entire system back into homeostasis. I call it miracle medicine.

Using CBD to combat trauma or anxiety

One of CBDS best trick is to help sooth the fears of trauma or anxiety. In fact, many people are starting to use CBD daily in tinctures, teas, honey, body oils, edibles and more to receive the relaxing and mental clearing affects it brings. One of the reasons why people are going CBD crazy is because it provides a calming sensation where you are able to concentrate and do the things you need to do through out your day. CBDs ability to sooth your nerves in a very natural way makes it a popular choice among those who other wise would suffer from adverse affects that other medications could give.

Using CBD for physical pain or ailments


This portion of CBDs power I can testify times 100 percent. I have been using CBD for the past year now for my internal Cytisis and there has never been anything remotely similar in the way CBD can cure my pain and discomfort. CBD helps with easing physical pain by sending messages to the nerves that are inflamed. In Fact, CBD has already proven to be beneficial for many people who suffer from arthritis, migraines, joint stiffness, or even muscle aches. to this day, Ive figured out what was missing in my life once I started using CBD. CBD with out a doubt has changed my life.

Using CBD for your YOGA PRACTICE to connect deeper into spirit.


This is where I want to emphasize that CBD can help heal the soul. Connecting deeper with ourselves is something most healthy people desire for. Weather this is through your religious beliefs, or meditative practices, CBD can be your catalyst for peace. During your yoga practice your main focus is your breath and your body-mind connection. CBDs quieting mind affect helps you establish a stronger bond between your mind, your breath, and your yoga positions.
Using CBD as an alternative rather then conventional medications for concentration is must do. Say goodbye to your caffeine or your shitty 5 hour energy shots.

I couldn’t count on 10 fingers if I listed how many people I know who have been stuck in loop holes with a lot of conventional medicine. The number one reason CBD is better then your pain medications or anti-anxiety medications is that you won’t be highly addicted to it. Nor will it give you any adverse affects. Can you say NATURAL? Please!
Maybe CBD has been missing in your life to ?
If you’re like me, then you’ll fall in love with this CBD MASSAGE OIL.

I would say 200 mg is pretty potent for a topical oil and it also has other medicinal essential oils in it that are natural anti-inflammatory. Not to mention, it smell amazing! Check it out by clicking the link below!

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