Gifts and Crystals For the Zodiac Signs

Aries :

Aries are the first fire sign of the zodiac. They often appreciate any kind gesture done by anyone and they’ll be honest if they dont like your gift or of they cant use it. They love to utilize things to their advantage.  This can be anything from work out tools, to arts and crafts or even nefty supplies for their work or business. They love to utilize tools. So make sure to get them something useful !

Crystal : Citrine,  Carnelian, fire agate 


Taurus are the first earth signs of the zodiac. They love to feel connected to their body and the physical realm. They would love anything that makes them feel comfortable.  This can be any presents including fluffy pillows, slippers, blankets, food, kitchen supplies , candles, anything that helps them increase their inner sensuality and cravings !

Crystal: rose quartz. Aventurine, moss agate 

Geminids are the first air sign of the zodiac. They need gifts that help keep their mind stimulated.  This can be board games,  books, video games, or any tools that can help them stay connected to their friends.


Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac. They are often reserved and emotional. They appreciate any gifts that come from the heart but they really love hand made gifts. Something crafty… or they may even enjoy a pet for the holidays as they are often great pet keepers. also they would enjoy a framed picture of memories of any kind ♡

Crystal: Moon stone, Ruby, Selenite, kyanite 


The 2nd fire sign of the zodiac. These fire signs love to live lavish. Get them a framed picture of themselves . They love fashion , art, music, photography or anything that helps them live out their drama.  This could be concert tickets, theater tickets or even their favorite perfume. 

Crystals: Sun stone, Labradorite , Peridot , Amber. Pyrite 


These souls enjoy planners, organizers, anything that is practical and that can help them stay on track of things. This can also be anything to take care of themselves. Body wash, facewash, socks, books, etc

Crystals: amazonite,  Howlite, citrine, moss agate, 


Libra appreciates art. They appreciate anything beautiful.  Anything hand made from the heart or anything that will keep their curiosity wild. This can also be books for some,  art supplies, fashion, jewelry or even home decor is a must! 

Crystals : ametrine, appetite, quartz, jade, obsidian 


Scorpio is the second water sign of the zodiac. To them it is the thought that counts with any gift. They love people who show their love to them in any shape or form. This can be anything from a framed picture to personalized jewelry. They do like nice things so they would enjoy any new and fashionable wear as well. Something exotic is a must !

Crystals: labradorite,  Kunzite , Malachite, turquoise 


Sagittarius Is the third fire sign of the zodiac.   

They love anything that will help them reach for higher knowledge. This could be religious items, imported gifts from another country, books, etc or hell even a plane ticket would be nice. 

Crystals: Lapis, Sodalite, amethyst, turquoise,  topaz


Capricorn is the 3rd earth sign of the zodiac.

These signs really enjoy gifts that are usable and practical to their business or everyday life. They also love anything that has to do with good health. Gift them a plant and they will be happy. Gift them money and they will be happy. Mostly money though.  They need real tangible gifts so they can get ahead in life.  

Crystals: Onx, tourmaline, Garnet 


Aquarius Are the 3rd air sign of the zodiac. they are often out of this world and appreciate anything that no one has. They love finer things but also love things for them to learn from. This can be books, games, art, pets, clothes neat toys anything technology. These folks are really not picky when it comes to gifts. They often dont need much to be happy. 

Crystals: amethyst, aquamarine, labradorite, hematite. 

Pisces is the 3rd water sign of the zodiac.  

These sensitive souls enjoy one of a kind gifts from friends and family. They love when gifts hit the sweet spot and if you are close enough to one then you know their sweet spots. They enjoy music, art and poetry, and sweet escapes. So keep that in mind when gifting to a pisces. 

Crystals: Fluorite. Turquoise . Labradorite. Pyrite. Kyanite

All in all..These are small tips on what to get each zodiac including which crystal is best for their energy. We hope this helps you find a better understanding of what to get your friend or loved one.  

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