Join us for a weekend filled with flow arts training, sacred connection, and empowerment through tantric arts!

Located In Jamaica Beach, Texas

This retreat is for those who are ready to dip their toes or tap into more practice in different flow arts including hula hoops, fire fans, pole dance, and aerial & tantra yoga. This retreat is also for those who seek deeper confidence within themselves to express their passion for art and dance. 

This retreat will guide you through an invigorating experience to awaken your Divine Embodiment and allow you to connect deeper with your sensual body through movement, pole art, & Tantric meditation. Letting go of shame or doubt, we create a safe space for everyone to shine their light in any way they please!

Come be you Baby and Dance to the Rhythm of your soul! 

Join us on July 28th-Aug 1st

Workshops Offered

Meet your Host

Learn new material, leave your fears behind, and tap deeper into your sensual Body!

Your Stay:

Price Includes all Taxes + Fees

$ 388
a Month for 2 Months
  • Must be paid in full by August 1st 2022
  • NO upfront deposit
  • Does not include Air Fair or transportation to the retreat

Price Includes all Taxes + Fees

Please read refund policy

$1111 $ 777
One Time
  • NO upfront deposit
  • Does not include Air Fair or transportation to the retreat

Past Retreats

Miranda ManessShakti Medicine Retreat
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Such an amazing retreat with beautiful humans. This trip really helped me be ME and express myself with like-minded women. We were all together in harmony and had space to really heal. Taraney and Andrea are AMAZING at what they do and teach. This trip really grounded me and connected me to spirit. It was all if not more than I imagined! Highly recommend if you feel called like I did!
Abbey WheelockReiki Roots Retreat
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I had such a magical experience on the reiki retreat and absolutely recommend that anyone interested attends a shakti amor retreat✨ In Mt. Shasta I connected with over 20 new soul sisters, stepped further into my power as a healer and connected with my inner child and highest self more than ever before. I left the retreat a lighter version of myself and am so ready to share this magic with the world! I am so grateful to these powerful, embodied women leading these experiences
Katie Mikes
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If anyone is looking to get some deeper insight into themselves through their astrological charts I highly recommend going to Andrea. She is a kind welcoming person who is a subject matter expert in astrology. She sat down with me to take a look at my birth chart and walked me through each of the different aspects (moon in taurus, rising virgo, ect) and how those apply to myself. She was open to answering any questions I had along the way and truly opened my eyes to how astrology connects to the various aspects of my personality. Getting an astrology reading from Andrea really deepened my self acceptance and was also so much fun! Thank you again for the amazing reading.

Enter as you are.

Join us at the Sacred Flow Arts Retreat

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