Reiki Level 1 Training



Level one Training includes a full 3/4 Hour class on the tradition of Reiki and intuitive energy healing. You will learn the history, ethics, the chakras and tradition of reiki energy healing. All students will receive their Reiki 1 attunement after the class and will have time to practice on themselves and others after the class. All students will have full support from Andrea after the Reiki class to receive further guidance on their journey as a practitioner.


Drinks and Refreshments provided!

Please RSVP atleast 2 days before the class to give Andrea time to make your Certification.

Recommended to have experience with receiving reiki energy but not mandatory. If you would like to receive a reiki energy healing session before the class, you can do so at a discounted price by booking a session with Andrea.

Recommended to be clear from all toxins, alcohol, or red meat 1 week prior to attunement.

Book needed for class: Essential Reiki by Diana Stein

Can be purchased on Amazon or other websites for $12.00


If you hear the calling to take your healing further and deeper and help shift the lifes of many people, leave your fears behind and Say yes to this Oppurtunity!



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