11/22 Violet Flame Certification



Join Andrea, Saturday November 22nd in Houston to learn and honor the practice of the Bonpo (Ancient Tibetan Buddhism) and the Violet Flame.

In this Violet Flame Ceremony and Certification Class we will cover many Tibetan techniques and meditations done by the highest lamas.

We will learn how to open the third eye and become a seer!

If you are an energy healing practioner already this is a great tool to expand your practice and learn more about this ancient spiritual healing modality.

I personaly mix Reiki with Violet Flame and have seen wondrous results!

If you are not an energy healing practioner, this is a great start for you!

During the transmission you will recieve the Violet Flame, The Golden Flame of Isis, Blue Lighting for Decreasing Pain, as well as other colors of the rainbow 🌈 we will uncover the hidden spiritual truths and benefits of each one as well practice the art of energy healing after the transmission has been given.

You can expect Cacao Medicine, Third eye  excersices, Lunch, sound healing, meditations, note taking, transmission, community, and More 💞

About the Teacher:

Andrea has been practicing the art of healing with the Violet flame for almost 4 years now as well as reiki energy healing. She studied with a Tibetan Monk every sunday for a full year and learned ancient tibetan healing techniques including distant healing , using the third eye to scan human beings and how to channel the the Violet Flame. She has truly put in a lot of heart and devotion into this class and ceremony and hopes that who ever is aligned to join recieves the greatest return on their investment and hopefully will help others as well along their journey.


She has taught Reiki level 1 and level 2 to over 10 clients now! This will be her second time teaching and giving transmissions of the Violet Flame. Now more then ever, she sees that the Violet Flame 💜 is truly a powerful healing force that is needed in this world at this moment more then others.

Please Reach out to us on messenger to save your spot 🙏


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