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HI, I’m Andrea!
I help Soul Aligned Business Owners come alive online!

With over 8 Years of experience as a Spiritual Business owner, an accountant, personal assistant and community builder; I am confident and grateful to provide my services to new or existing entrepreneurs who are ready to take their mission further!

I believe soul-led business owners are the beginning of the change we need to see to build a new system away from the masculine fear-driven capitalism system. With more heart centered leaders on the rise, we can create a culture of authentic energy exchange from true gifts, medicine, services, crafts, & Expertise! Most importantly, we can build all we have to offer on a deeper foundation of worth, value, and stability. 

Custom OBM Plans are made for each client! Lets hop on a discovery call to talk about your needs!

Not sure if This is for you?

Check out all of our services listed below:

Do you have a vision but not sure what the next moves are or how to move it forward? Let’s hop on a discovery call together! 

Depending on the package you get- I will spend (x) amount of hours posting and coming up with meaning full post/content for your audience every week. 

Pinterest & YouTube are huge platforms that business often forget to consider when they want to spread their message or products wide and far.


I will spend (x) amount of hours a week on either one or both platforms to fulfill the desires of your business. 

As a small business, I know how important it is to send out weekly emails to your email list. Not only will I spend (x) amount of hours on gathering peoples emails through free giveaways, but I can also spend (x) amount of hours sending email reminders to your email list. 

Building Websites since 2016, My goal is to provide a simple yet refreshing website for spiritual entrepreneurs who wish to come alive online deeper into their purpose!

Beyond my identity of a guide or a healer, I am also a friend. 

I will be there for you to support you, and empower you within this space and outside of it. I will always remind you of your greatness and be there for you along your journey. 

Essentially, when you hire me as your business manager you are not only getting back end work done, but you get some of the wisdom I have from running my own spiritual business for the past 7 Years. 


Schedulers, payment processors, subscriptions, etc

Writing informative Blogs having to do with your brand and sharing them throughout social media to create rapport to your website.

Editing or Creating Videos, Reels, TikTok Content that is relatable to your brand.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs create their course from the back end, giving point and tips on how to structure, design, and implement an impactful course to their audience. 


I will essentially create the course structure and marketing plan, you create the course content. 

Lets work together!

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