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Sacred Rebels is a platform for Woman and Men to step deeper into Self-Mastery, Magnetism, and Sensual Liberation through the art of Hypnosis, Energy healing, Astrology, Tantra, and Evolutionary Training Retreats!

"Unless you have a rebellious spirit, you don't have a spirit at all. There is no other kind of spirit available" - OSHO

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September 9th-13th 2021 Sedona, Arizona

Join Andrea and 9 other kindred Souls on an awakening experience through the wisdom of Astrology and Past life Regression in Sedona, Arizona

November 7th-13th Tulum, MExico

Join Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Al and Andrea on a journey in Tulum, Mexico to step deeper into your most authentic selves through the art of yoga, play, tantra, sound healing, & authentic relating.

March 2022
mt shasta, mountain, blue-3440856.jpg

Join us in Mt. Shasta ( the Root Chakra of the earth) for an expansive and life changing training on the healing modality of The Violet Flame.

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